Congratulations to Komal Jaiswal for getting best poster award entitled as "Photo catalytic applications of TMDs: from nanosheets to quantum dotsin national conference on new vistas in chemistry-2022 (3-4th August), Bangalore University.

Congratulations to Dr. Pradipta Behera for his cover page featured in Chemistry- A European Journal entitled as "Rapid discrimination of bacterial drug resistivity by array based cross‐validation using 2D‐MoS2"

We welcomes Koyel Roy (PhD) to the group. August 2022

We welcomes Vishak K. joined as MSc Chemistry project student from Kannur University, Kerala (Jun-Dec 2022)

We welcomes Madhusmita Mahanta joined as BSc Chemistry project student from IISER, Tirupati (Jun-July 2022)

Congratulation to Subrata Pandit for getting post-doc at University of Texas.

Congratulation to Karunakaran for getting Best thesis award for 2021 academic year.

We welcomes Abir Kayal(PhD) to the group. October 2020

We welcomes Navjot Kaur (PhD) to the group. August  2021

Congratulation Pradipta Behera for successfully defending thesis. (June 2021)

Congratulation Subrata Pandit for successfully defending thesis. (June 2021)

Congratulation Karunakaran for successfully defending thesis. (November 2019)

Welcome to MD Lab


We are interested in synthesis of laterally size controlled 2D single/thin-layer molecular assemblies by chemical synthesis/possessing (top-down/bottom-up method) from their corresponding precursors such as single molecular unit, single crystals etc. Followed by, we will explore the supramolecular application of these assemblies especially in molecular recognition such as protein, DNA and macromolecular interaction. The success of supramolecular application of various layered assemblies depends on the ability to fabricate surfaces with different functional groups by organic ligand synthesis which will be useful tools for molecular recognition. Following the synthesis, stabilization and surface fictionalization of layered assemblies, we want to explore the various supramolecular applications including, but not limited to, molecular recognition, sensing and catalytic applications.


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Department of Organic Chemistry, Chemical Science Division

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