About the Department

Department of Organic Chemistry

The Department of Organic Chemistry is established in the year 1911 in this Institute, and is one of the oldest de

partments in the country. Research carried out in the Department covers almost all areas of Organic Chemistry, including the emerging and interfacial subjects.

The Department is at the fore-front of several research activities at the national and international level.  Particularly, the Department has advanced frontiers of the following major research areas: chemical biology, physical organic chemistry, asymmetric synthesis; carbohydrate chemistry, macromolecular chemistry, chemistry of bile acids, organic-inorganic hybrid materials; organic synthesis; natural products; structural and functional mimics of proteins.  The advancements are demonstrated through publications in some of the most competitive international journals, patent filing and providing advice to industries.  In addition, the Department is active in teaching.  Major teaching courses conducted are: physical organic chemistry, asymmetric catalysis, carbohydrate chemistry, chemistry of biological systems, organic chemistry laboratory; organic synthesis I and II, physical methods, proteins and peptides and Graduate colloquium.