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Department of Organic Chemistry

Welcome to Department of Organic Chemistry

N. Jayaraman

The Department of Organic Chemistry was established in the year 1911, one of the earliest Departments of the Institute.  More than a century old now, the Department has a very vibrant and rich tradition to intense academic and basic research programmes.  With organic chemistry as the main theme, the research activities of the Department continuously strive to embrace not only deeper insights into organic reactions, methodologies, target-driven syntheses of natural and un-natural molecules and products, but also traversing through interfacial areas of chemical, biological and materials significance, where organic chemistry principles have a lot to address and offer.  Past couple of decades of expansion of research areas in the Department has laid a strong foundation to embark and expand horizons of organic chemistry, as applicable to chemical biology and materials chemistry.  The Department improvises regularly the quest surrounding the theme, through continuous augmentation of wherewithal, be it infrastructure or resources.  The Department is privileged with the generous support of many fund granting agencies that help to steer ahead very competitive and diverse research programmes, many of which cut across interdisciplinary threshold barriers.  Armed with dedicated research groups, personnel and infrastructure, I welcome you to read through the Department activities and profiles given in several modules of this web page.